Why Coaching?

It's a great way to build and balance your tween's, teen's, and/or young adult's emotional intelligence, confidence, and academic pressure that life throws at them. Set their future up for success!
-Learn life skills like self-advocacy by creating a plan and following through.

-Learn self-resilience so that they can build a strong work ethic and discover self-awareness.

-See your YMMs personal transformation that makes their life 100% better.

-Fact: Executive Functioning Skills don't fully develop until around age 26.

-Fact: Executive Functioning Skills allows people to think before they act and consider the consequences.


Are you struggling with subject areas?

Try a Tutor 

Knowledge Driven

Results-Get confidence with the subject and improve grades.

Are you having trouble coping with past experiences? 


Try Therapy 

Insight Driven 

Results- Dealing with thoughts and feelings and life in the abstract.


Need guidance?


Try a Mentor

Relationship Driven

Results- Give them guidance based on experience. 


Could you use a pick me up or motivation talk?

Try a Family Member

Not always objective and may just tell you how it is and will be.

Results- Get your stuff together or else.  

Tweens and Teens who are dealing with day-to-day stuff that makes you feel terrible or lost?  Struggling in school/college with your academics due to poor organizational skills and task initiation?  Difficulty making strong connections with people and building good relationships at work and in all areas of life? Parents-We are here to coach you and show you different ways to approach your young adult inorder to make change happen.  No more budding heads, fights, or disconnections with your young adult. 

 At Young MasterMINDs, LLC.  We specialize in helping young adults with physical disabilities, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, Social-Emotional disabilities, Mental Health Disorders, and Anxiety.  We help retrain your brain to be strong by using executive function skills, emotional intelligence, and confidence.  Young MasterMINDs, LLC can be a partner with your counselor or therapist so that you can get the best results.  

This is completed using a brain based coaching model which is goal driven and motivationally based. 

Results A balanced, happy and healthy future for your Young Mastermind.  Discover how we make things happen, using coaching questions, and strategies.  We train students in overcoming anxiety and toxic stress, practice self-advocacy and build reliance.  If your young adult can follow directions, apply proven strategies, and techniques to make the changes needed for a happy healthy life then you are the right fit for Young MasterMINDs, LLC coaching and consulting.

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