Breakdown of Services

Who we help!

Young Adults with Special Needs

    • ADHD

    • Mental Health Disorder

    • Asperger’s Syndrome

    • Physical Disabled persons

    • High Functioning Achievers
    • and much more.

Your young adult is the right fit for this youth life coaching program, if they can follow directions, apply critical thinking strategies, and recall strategies.

Who we help and what we offer!

We help parents understand why and what to do with struggling adolescents and young adults.

    • parent confidant (no judgement listening and advice).

    • parent coaching to allow space for independence building and letting go.

    • parent consulting on how to help your young mastermind succeed in various environments such as school/college, work/home, and social situations.

Who we help and what we offer!

We help young adolescents and young adults be a master of their MIND by using and building: Executive Function skills, Emotional intelligence, and Confidence so that; they can live a happy healthy life now and forever.

    • Young adults will build strong connections to people and use resources in their community

    • Young masterminds will set goals and overcome life obstacles by using evidence-based coaching interventions

    • Learn how to use the student’s unique strengths to develop study techniques that apply to most classes

    • Identify the obstacles that prevent young masterminds from achieving the grades they want in all school/college classes, the success they want at work, the connections they want at home and work, and the strong loving relationship within themselves.

    • Overcome test anxiety, practice self-advocacy, and increase motivation

    • Strengthen executive functions such as organization, self-regulation, task initiation, think before acting, make decisions, goal plan, perspective taking, and cognitive flexibility.

    • Receive an Individualized coaching program with over 100 lessons to choose from. 

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