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The Day I Mastered My Minds Power

When I was a teenager, I tried to be just like my big sister and cousins but that did not work.  It left me feeling more awkward and unsure of myself in social situations and feeling not smart enough in school. My parents did not know how to help me or why I was not excelling like others.  So, I tried to help myself.  At age 13, I began reading self-help books like Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul.  I used those techniques to become more conscious of my thoughts and feelings but that still was not enough.

It wasn’t until my twenties, that I discovered the tools to create and meet my own goals. It took even longer for me to put all my lessons into actional steps and find a way to be successful each day.

When reaching for my dream career, I earned my Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy and spent 15 years as a pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistant. I currently help children succeed in their academic setting.  One day, I realized that the root of most kids struggles and poor self-confidence stems from not knowing how to unlock the power they hold within (brain power).  Then I realized, I could support kids in school without following an IEP or 504 plan.  That day, I found my true calling! 

When studying evidenced based coaching techniques and training in executive functioning techniques (organization, self-regulation, planning, goal setting etc.)  for young adults (ages 11-21), I found proof that life coaches where needed more than ever.  Current research shows that in order for tweens, teens, and young adults to create positive change they need attentive listening and guidance on developing and reaching their own physical, MENTAL and emotional goals.  The benefit of working with a coach like me is that you will learn how to master your mindfulness and live a successful, happy and healthy life now and forever. 

Young Masterminds, join us and take back your life and create the future that you want!


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